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The culture of the people is greatly influenced by traditional titles of Amawbia include Ekwu and Ozo. Another prominent title awarded by the town to their illustrious sons is the Odogwu title. The title is awarded to men of character, who have rendered exemplary services to the town in various fields of endeavour.

The culture of the town is presided over by the traditional ruler – Okpaligwe. The Okpaligwe is supported by a council – Okpaligwe-in-council, which comprises representatives of various villages of the town, the Odogwus, the holder of the Ekwu and the Ozo titles popularly referred to as Nze-na-Ozo”. Okpaligwe has his former deputy as Late Odogwu Albert O. Emuwa – Osojeze Amawbia who acts as the Traditional Prime Minister of Amawbia then.

Marriage and other social interactions were celebrated according to the established omenani procedure, rites and ceremonies. Festivities observed by Amawbia people which are numerous (e.g. Iru-Otite, Onwa asato and Eziokpaligwe festival etc) are marked with eating, drinking, drumming and singing. Special attires, ornament and designs with cam wood, indigo etc are worn.
The proverbial hospitality of the kola-nut and “Iba Nzu” ceremony normally performed by elders on various occasions are most cherished and often are used to open conferences, meetings and negotiating tables as mark of peace.

A very popular festival in Amawbia is the Ezi Okpaligwe festival which marks the end of the year’s farming year. During this festival, which takes up to 5 days in the past has been amended to 3 days presently. The six villages of the town – Umueze, Ngene, Adabebe, Umukabia, Enuoji and Ezimezi provide in turns, cultural entertainment in form of dances, masquerading, etc. It is also the time to show case different dances and an avenue for different villages to raise revenue for the year. Prizes and certificates are normally awarded.
Igbo (Amawbia dialect) is the spoken lingua franca. It is passed on from parents to their children. English language was introduced with the advent of white men in early 20th century.

In Amawbia, until 1903, there was one religion – the traditional Igbo religion (Omenani) to which all members of the community belonged. Some call it idol-worshiping of idolatry, juju or fetishism for short. It was that religion which controlled the faith and way of life of the people then and around which most of their customs, laws, rules and traditions were built. By it the people lived their full lives, and died to join the spirit world of their departed ancestors.

A corollary of the Omenani worship is the belief in the big and independent minor gods as well as in the efficacy of various media and symbols including the alusi, ngenes and ancestral okpensi. They were believed to be endowed with varying capacities for instant and ultimate justice, meting out punishment to evil doers and blessings to those living in accordance with the tradition of the land.

Juju priests, diviners, seers as well as medicine men, “Dibias” of all kinds, and traditional doctors were there in good numbers to serve the purpose attributed to each. Most of them were reputed to be able to commune with spirits, see visions, and interpret the minds of the spirits and signs of the time. In this, it was believed that the town was preserved and people were blessed with good health, foods, children, wealth, victory in warfare and long life.

With the advent of Western civilization, British Church Missionary Society (CMS) introduced St. Peters Anglican Church in 1903. In the spirit of accepting positive change, the people of Amawbia overwhelmingly embraced the Christian religion as a way to reach out of their salvation. Converts to Christianity grew by leaps and bounds, so that, less than five decades later, over seventy percent of the population of Amawbia had become Christians with the establishment of Catholic and Anglican churches in the town.

In the same vein, it is reckoned that 90% of the present population of Amawbia are Christian while about 9% are still of the traditional “Omenani”. Among the 1% are found either Muslims or other religious sects.
With the advent of proliferation of churches and the wave of Pentecostalism which started in the 1980’s, more Christian sects started springing up at one corner or the other of the town. This tend is not peculiar to Amawbia but a common phenomenon in these days of rapid evangelism.

List of some other churches in Amawbia:
Mountain of fire, Assemblies of God, Grace of God, Christ Embassy,zion praise centre INT,L, Zion Pillar Ministry,UCC, Sabbaths churches etc.
However, till today, Catholic and Anglicanism are enjoying overwhelming influence.

The people of Amawbia are mainly Igbos who settled at the present location during the famous Nri Kingdom. They are friendly, peace loving and kindly disposed to all comers. On the other hand, they are sturdy and patriotic people – great defenders of truth, their rights and fatherland.
The population of Amawbia town, when the first national census was taken in 1963, was 16,535. In a subsequent census exercise carried out in Nigeria in1973 the population was estimated at 31,000.Presently the population had increase rapidly.

Formerly, mainly as farmers, potters, hunters, builders and carvers, the people of Amawbia had diversified their occupations with the rapid growth of education among them. The presence of the Government Station in the town exposed them to seek for white-collar jobs in the public services and in the merchant houses.
The inhabitants of Amawbia town are energetic, resourceful and hardworking. They apply these attributes in whatever reasonable business they engage in and their guiding principle to life has always been equity and fair play.

Amawbians are heterogeneous in their choice of profession and they have been known to exhibit high level of dedication and choice in any given time.
They are known to be decent people. Today they make marks in many fields of human endeavours including business, engineering,Medicine,social scientists etc. Eke (alias Eke Tolo, Ekeoyibo, Ozuda), the town’s market was built and developed to its current standard by the Amawbia community. It is located near the Government Station and over-looking the junction of the very important Amawbia – Ekwulobia trunk “B” road.

In spite of the grave depredations wrought on it during the period of the 1967-1970 Nigerian Civil War, Eke Amawbia market has retained its attractions and popularity as the nerve center of daily commercial activities for mainly due to the natural placement of the town and the strategic location of the market that makes it easily accessible to neighbouring towns.

The community in collaboration with Awka South Local Government planned to construct a motor mechanics village and allied trader’s spare parts market. But that plan was stalled by the Government. It is also worthy to mention that the Government as well as the town, individuals have embarked on a number of projects which have enhanced the economic viability of Amawbia.


Okika Ngene Village after Governor ‘s Lodge towards Nibo . It supplies water to the Govt. Lodge .

Ofia Mazu Umueze / Umukabia

Mbagu Enuoji /Umueze

Abah Ezimezi

Anana Adabebe

Obibia Ngene /Ezimezi

Ngene Ukwa Very close to Nigeria Prison or Boundary between Amawbia and Awka .

Uvunu Umueze – traverses Agu Amawbia area .

The contact of Amawbia Town with the British Government in the early 20th century, the warm and friendly attitudes to visitors, and the people ‘s disposition to accept positive change influenced their understanding and education. Subsequently this led to establishment of schools in the town both by the Missionaries – Church Missionary Society (CMS), Roman Catholic Church (RCM) and later by the Local and State Governments, Amawbia community and individuals.
Currently, Amawbia has three state owned primary schools – the Central School (built by the Anglican Mission), Igwedunma Primary School (built by the Roman Catholic Mission) and the Community Primary School (built by the Local Government). There is also Nursery Schools built by St. Matthew’s RCM at Umueze (Udala Nwonu ) and Ngene Villages. Currently, we have Igwedunma Primary School and Central School, each has a Nursery Wing.
The two state -owned secondary schools – the Community Secondary and Union Secondary Schools were built by the Amawbia community and handed over to the State Government. Other privately owned institutions includes:
1. Krosa Model Schs. Mrs. r . i . Odumodu Managing Director

a . Krosa Academy Engr . Chris. a . Odumodu Proprietor

B. Krosa Model Nursery School Mrs. Nwachukwu C. Krosa Model Primary School Principal, Krosa Academy

3. Unique Comprehensive Sec. Sch. Ms. e . M. Obi They also have Primary/Nursery Schs. Principal

4. Kemy Nursery/Primary School Mrs. Gladys Oby Okeke 34, Zik Ave , Amawbia (Adadioramma )
Motto : Prepare Children for Life

5. Rev. Fr . Ekwu Nursery/Primary Sch. 6. Kings Nursery/Primary Sch. 7. Ambassador Nursery Sch.
8. Kings international college Amawbia

The people of Amawbia had consistently and persistently recognized the need to cherish the value of education, the current wave of drop on male enrolment in schools and excessive quest for wealth not withstanding.
In Amawbia town today, family ego and prestige are measure by the level of investment and attainment of members in education. This had led to the town producing numerous graduates in diverse professions. Amawbia ‘s early exposure to education has helped in the successes and achievement sons and daughters of the town have recorded in the areas of academics and various fields of their chosen professions and approaches to issues of interest.
The strategic locations, the hospitality of the people and the availability of natural resources made Amawbia town a viable place of industrial location in the entire Awka zone . Presently, many business establishment in manufacturing and marketing output are sited in the town.
These include BTV Ceramics (Nig. ) Ltd, Rocana (Nig. ) Ltd, Ticon Ltd, Niclusiinternational LTD, NAT Supermarket,Innoson Supermarket Right Health Pharmacy and Stores LTD, Embroco Hotels, Emka Hotels, Georgian Villa Suites, Cheleku Lodge , Mayroses Hotel, and Pit-Pat Lodge etc. Visitors and travelers into the town are always welcome with beautiful lodging and accommodation facilities.
The early establishment of the British Colonial Administration in Amawbia , made the town the centre of civilization in the area , with many Amawbia people becoming pioneer civil servants and rising to top management positions. It is no wonder then that Amawbia , today, has about the best organized town union in the federation, with a multi -purpose secretariat that has provisions for a health post, library, an assembly hall, committee rooms etc. The then warrant chief of Amawbia – Chief Agbata Ikele , was of a great help to the British Colonial Administration in acquiring land and administering the area , that he was given 10 pounds, in appreciation of his usefulness to them. He enjoyed this benefit until his death in 1938. With the seat of Government, colonial administration in Amawbia , till date it has remained the seat of government. Amawbia used to be Headquarters of Awka District. Later Awka Division and just before 1991, Awka Local Government. By 1991, the creation of new Anambra State , saw Awka the capital. Awka Local Government became Awka North and Awka South Local Government with Amawbia as the Headquarters of Awka South Local Government Area . In 1976, the then military government of John Atom Kpera of former East Central State recognized Amawbia town as an Urban Community.
As at today, the government station still habours – the Nigerian Police Headquarters, the Prison Headquarters, the Awka South Local Government Headquarters, the SSS State command, the State Sub-Treasury Department, the State Fire Service , State Palm Development Authority, the Magistrate Courts, the Examinations Development Centre of the Ministry of Education, the Governor ‘s Lodge . The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) State Headquarters, the Federal Road Safety Commission, Joint Administration and Matriculation Board (JAMB), National Examination Council (NECo ), and NABTEB etc. The major roads that traverse Amawbia are the Enugu -Onitsha express way, present Nnamdi Azikiwe Avenue , and the Amawbia – Agulu – Ekwulobia road, which branches off the Nnamdi Azikiwe Avenue at the Eke Market of Amawbia . The road junction is the center of the Anambra State Capital Territory.
Joining the Nnamdi Azikiwe Avenue with the Enugu -Ontisha Express way in Enugwu -Agidi Road. This road connects the town to Enugwu -Agidi , Nawgu and Ukwulu .
Development in Amawbia was retarded due to Nigerian Civil War . But immediately after the war , Amawbia went into action. In some cases, they were supported by massive government effort e .g. to refurbish existing government offices – Treasury, Post Office , Court. a site was also provided for building a new befitting post office . Unfortunately, the project was abandoned by the Federal Government.
The Eke Market was refurbished, and lock-up stores built. Ultra -Modern town hall was erected by 3 age grades. Immediately Awka was named the new Anambra State Capital, Umueze village gave their single storey village hall to National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and this still serves as the State Headquarters.
In line with Umueze , many other villages – Ngene , Adabebe -are building village Halls. Umueze Welfare Association has also developed approaches to OFIAMAZu stream and has equally established MARYLAND LAYOUT. Adabebe is also developing a layout in their village .
The Amawbia Women’s organization popularly known as Eziokwu -Bu -Ndu has been allocated land for the establishment of Women Vocational Training Center in the town. Introducing of pipe -borne water was planned by the Government before the civil war . This was abandoned after the war . The only evidence is the giant water tank standing on Enuoji Hills (Ugwu -Tank). The town in collaboration with Awka South Local Government Area embarked on the construction of motor mechanics village and Allied Traders Spare Parts Market.

AGE GRADES IN AMAWBIA Names and Year of Birth
(1). Ulomma or Umuatu 1854 – 1859
(2). Udoabagu or Agbudu 1860 – 1865
(3). Umuofia 1866 – 1871
(4). Umuenyi 1872 – 1877
(5). Amobi or Ochookwu 1878 – 1883
(6). Osingo 1884 – 1889
(7). Nchaba 1890 – 1895
(8). Enenine 1896 – 1901
(9). Akpatalikemeli 1902 – 1907
(10). Igboamusi 1908 – 1913
(11). Ekwueme 1914 – 1918
(12). Ebubeagu 1919 – 1923
(13). Atu 1924 – 1928
(14). Mezie 1929 – 1933
(15). Igwebuike 1934 – 1938
(16). Oganiru 1939 – 1943
(17). Udoka 1944 – 1948
(18). Ikenga 1949 – 1953
(19). Njikoka 1954 – 1957
(20). Obinwanne 1958 – 1961
(21). Ubabike 1962 – 1965
(22). Akajiugo 1966 – 1970
(23). Ifeadigo 1971 – 1974
(24). Udogachi 1975 – 1978
(25). Ofu -Obi 1979 – 1982

As was said earlier the culture of Amawbia is presided over by the Okpaligwe under the Okpaligwe -in-Council while the day-to -day administration of Amawbia is done by Amawbia Town Union (ATu ) under the leadership of the President-General – Since 1903, Amawbia has had a leader for effective development.

S/N Names Years
1. Chief Agbata Ikele – Appointed by the British Govt. 1903 – 1938
2. Chief Chiedozie -Agbanya , the 1st President General of ATU 3. Chief Herbert Ekemezie Nwalusi
4. Chief Robert C. Orji 1950-1962
5. Mr . Bartram Enuma -Oguejiofor 1963-1973
6. Nze Bernard Nwana 1973-1974
7. Mr . Raphael e .C. Okeke 1975-1982
8. Mr . Chizoba i . Nwokike 1980-1982
9. Chief Daniel C. Maduka Jan. 1983-Dec. 1983
10. Odogwu Godfrey C. Odumodu Jan.1984-Dec. 1987
11. Mr . Vincent Odo 1991 – 1996
13. Prof. Eleazar i . e . Ofodile 1997 – 1998
14. Mr . Jonathan C. Okonkwo 1998-2003
15. Hon. Chukwunyelu K. Mogbo 2003 – 2006
16. Prof. Eleazar i . e . Ofodile 2006-2009
17. Ozo (Hon. ) Mike Akubude 2009-2013
18. Pharm (Sir ) Anene Maduka 2013 – date


His Royal Highness, Igwe Michael Ositadmma Okoye (Adabebe ). The Okpaligwe 1, Amawbia . The Traditional Ruler of Amawbia Town.

Late Odogwu Albert o . Emuwa (Osoje -Eze )-Ngene . The Prime Minister of Amawbia Town. He also built Girls’ Secondary School.

Late Chief Agbata Ikele (Ngene ) – a leader of Amawbia Community from 1903 to 1938. He was a reputable warrant chief and it was in his time that the British contact influenced what is known as the new generation of Amawbia .

Late Chief, H. e . Nwalusi (Ngene Village ) – He was the Chairman of ATu during the land cases in Amawbia .

* All former President Generals of ATu , as earlier written.

Late Chief r . C. Orji (Ngene Village ). Rtd Telegraphic Enineer . He took over from Chief Nwalusi and supervised the first permanent building of St. Peter ‘s Anglican Church, Amawbia .

Late Odogwu G. C. Odogwu (Okeazu ), (Enuoji ). Rtd Surveyor General of former East Central State . He did the survey works of Amawbia Town Union land cases.

Engr . Chris a . and Mrs. Roseline Odumodu (Enuoji ). Proprietor /Proprietress of Krosa Model Schools.

Onyeogu Kabeonye (Adabebe ). Proprietor of Kabe College – Amawbia .

Late Dr . Sam Obi (Ngene ). Proprietor Unique Comprehensive Secondary School, Amawbia .

Late Odogwu G. i . Nwokike (Adabebe ). Rtd Permanent Secretary and one time Commissioner in the Local Government Service Commission of Old Anambra State . He was one of the driving force in the development of Amawbia in his time .

Sir Dr . F. N. Nwalusi (Ngene Vilalge ) – M/D, Our Lord’s Hospital and Maternity Amawbia .

Dr . a . B. C. Nworah (Adabebe ) – M/D, Nworah Hill-top Hospital and Maternity, Amawbia .

Dr . S. o . Anumba (Umueze ). Medical Officer in-charge . Gen. Hospital Enugu -ukwu .

Dr . Alfred Ngini (Adabebe )

Dr . John Ndibe (Umueze ) – Programme Manager Community Health Training Anambra State M.o . H. Awka .

Dr . Louis Akah – Medical Practitioner

Engr . Dr . r . C. Odumodu (Enuoji ) – M/D, Emka Hotels. He contributed greatly in the development of St. Matthew Catholic Church, Amawbia .

Pharm. M. C. Odumodu Rtd (Enuoji ) – M/D, Dumo Chemist.

Pharm. J. Ikem Odumodu (Enuoji ). Director General – Standard Organization of Nigeria .

Alexander Okeke (Ngene ) – Pharmacist. AIG (Medical) in NPF.

Odogwu Sir M.S.C. Okoye (Onwa Amawbia ) – Umueze .

Louis Odumodu (Enuoji ) – M/D, Lumos Nig. Ltd.

Chief George Udeozor (Adabebe ) – M/D, Georgian Villa Suite , Amawbia .

Vincent Odo (Adabebe ) – One time President General.

Ifeanyi Nwokoye – Umukabia . M/D BTV Group (Ide Amawbia )

Col. David Okafor Rtd. – Ngene

Late Col. B. o . Nwobu (Ngene )

Col. P. o . Mogbo Rtd. (Ngene ) – Military Hospital Yaba , Lagos.

Alphonsus Odumodu (Enuoji ) – Estate Surveyor and Valuer .

Christian Nwufo (Adabebe ) – Snr Lecturer -University of Abuja .

Prof. Ikechukwu Nwufo (Adabebe ) – Dean of School of Agric-FUTo , Owerri .

Mike Akubude (Umueze ) – Fmr Chairman Awka South Transition Committee , 2004-2006.

Prince Obi Okoye (Adabebe ) – Fmr Chairman Awka South Transition Committee , 2003-2004.

Matthew Ibekwe (Umukabia ) – Chairman Amawbia Vigilante Service .

Ifeanyi Nwalusi (Ngene ) – Pioneer Chairman Amawbia Youth Vanguard.

Alex Ibekwe – (Umukabia ) (Ezeani Amawbia )

Robert Orji (Ngene ) M/D, Rocana Nig. Ltd.

Rev. Prof. Erasmus Oji (Ngene ) – Eye Specialist based in Britain.

Dr . Pius Nworah – (Adabebe ) – Eye Specialist, UNTH.

Fidelis Osakwe – (Ngene ) – Director NYSC Osun State .

Frank Ndibe – Umueze – Reporter C.N.N.

Dr . Albert Nworah (Adabebe ) Paediatrician

Emma Ifesinachi – (Ngene ) Protocol Officer , Anambra State Governor ‘s Office , Awka .

Engr . Chukwunyelu Mogbo (Jnr . ) Ngene – Amazon Energies, Lagos.

Eddy Nwokoye – Umueze – Office of Secretary of Federal Government, Abuja .

Dennis Ajulu – Ngene – Ex Hospital Administrator /Secretary.

Gilbert Udeozor – Adabebe – Office of the Accountant General or the Federation, Abuja .

Honourable Onyeka Aghanya (Ezimezi )

Okafor (Ngene ) – House of Assembly Awka

Nze (Rotarian) J. S.o . Nwokike – Adabebe (Owelle Amawbia ). M/D, Agric Farm Services Ltd.

Mr . Stephen C. Udeozor (Agaga ) – M/D Bructecs Ind. Co . Ltd (BIC).

Hon. Austine Nonyelu

Mr . John Emenike Chukwuneke (Ngene )

Ozo Arc. Emeka Maduka (Ngene ) Onowu Amawbia

Ozo Chief D.C. Maduka (Ngene )

Emenike Nwosu

Mazi Chinemelu Nwokike (Adabebe )

Mr . Boniface Okafor

Mr . Batholomew Onwuzuligbo

Sir Joe Ojukwu (Chinyelugo ) – Enuoji , MD/CEo , Joasabs Ind. Co . Ltd.

Mr . Austine Nwokoye (Austin War ).

Chidera Nwokike ( Adabebe ) – President ATC Agric Farm. Services Ltd.

Mr . Joseph Okafor (Umueze ), Director /CEo , Joe Aams (Nig. ) Ltd.

Cyril Onuorah, M/D Cyron International.

Late Eze G.C Nwalusi Ezediora Mma i of Kano (1st EzeIgbo Kano )

Late Pharm. r . Nwoye (Umueze ) – Robin Pharmacy.

Sir . Uchendu Aghanya (Ezimezi ) – Nigerian Tobaco Company.

Alexander Nnamah

Engr . Anizoba Aghanya

Mr . Chigbo J. Okeke (Umueze ) – Surveyor and Estate Valuer .

Mr . Dozie Brown Maduka – Chief Executive , Mandoz Engr . And Construction Ltd.

Prince Sylvanus o . Enweani – M/D, Embroco Hotels Nig. Ltd.

Prof. Eleazer i . e . Ofodile (Umueze )

Prof. Eugene i . Nwana (Umueze )

Mr . Philip Okey Aghanya (Ezimezi )

Mr . Christopher o . Okoye (Umueze ) – Former ATu Sec. Gen.

Mr . Bernard C. Ogu (Adabebe )

Mr Ifeanyi C. Nwalusi (Ngene ) 1st Chairman Amawbia Youth Vanguard

Mr . Raphael Okeke (Ngene )

Pa Bertram Enuma Oguejiofor (Eze -ugo ) – Ngene .

Ozo Emmanuel Okoye (Ozo -Omeluka Okwulu ) Ngene .

Odogwu Paul Oranekwulu Osakwe (Ngene ).

Arc. Moris Officha (Umueze )

Sir B. u . Ojiyi (Umueze )

Edward Officha Esq. (Umueze )

Rev. Fr . Jude Okafor (Ngene ) – 1st Indigenous Rev. Father

Late Nze Ugochukwu C. Ifesi (Ngene )

Late Ozo Emmanuel Aka (Umueze )

Late Mrs. Sussan Udozor (Adabebe ) – Nee Odumodu

Azikiwe Oji (Ngene )

Mrs. Josephine Anenih (Nee Akubude ) – Umueze

Chukwudi Araonu (Umueze )

Dennis S. N. Ifesinachi (ACa ) – Ngene , Financial Controller Coscharis Group, Lagos.

Prof. Ikechukwu Nwosu (Ngene ) – UNN

Prof. Sam. e . Okoye (Umueze ) – UNN – First Nigerian Prof. of Radio Astronomy.

Engr . Morris Odumodu (Enuoji )

Late Samuel C. Nwoye (London) – Adabebe – First University Librarian of UNN.

Pharm. Anene Maduka (Ngene ) Current President-General ATU

Rev. Joe Nwokoye (Ezimezi ) – Founder Zion Praise Centre International, Umueze , Amawbia .

Arc. Chiedu Udozor (Adabebe ) – Fed. Min. of Works.

Ozor Nweke Odoh (Adabebe ) – Traditional Doctor .

Late Rev. Sr . Dr . Mary John Bosco Okoye (Umueze ) – First Rev. Sir . Of Boromeo Hospital, Onitsha Firm.

Ibiam Oguejiofor (Ngene Village ) – Kaduna Based Professional and a key figure on Anambra League of Professionals.

Pharm C. K. Nwalusi

Barr . Nelson Uzoegbo (Ughakwesili ) – Umueze Village .

S. C. Edi (Okafor ) – Umukabia Village .

1. Awka South Local Government Headquarter.
2. Governor’s Lodge, Amawbia.
3. Nigerian Red Cross Anambra State Headquarters, Amawbia.
4. State Education Commission Anambra Zone, Amawbia.
5. ASUDEB, Amawbia.
6. Magistrate Courts 1,2,3,4, Amawbia.
7. Anambra State Judiciary Service Commission Headquarter, Amawbia.
8. National Directory of Employment Anambra State Headquarters, Amawbia.
9. National Identity Commission, Awka South L.G.A Headquarters, Amawbia.
10. Anambra State Welfare Headquarters, Amawbia.
11. Health Care Centre Eziokpaligwe Square, Amawbia.
12. Anambra State Nabteb Headquarters, Amawbia Bye-Pass.
13. Anambra State Jamb Headquarters, Amawbia Bye-pass.
14. Nigeria Prisons Service Headquarters, Amawbia.
15. Nigeria Police Headquarter – Anambra State Command, Amawbia.
16. Police State CID Anambra StateHeasquaters, Amawbia.
17. Awka Zone Police Area Command, Amawbia.
18. Federal Road Safety Commission Amawbia by-Pass.
19. State Security Services Anambra State Headquarters, Amawbia
20. Nigeria Agricultural and Co-operative bank. Address: Amawbia Round about.
21. Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). Awka South Local Govt. Area Office Beside Police Hq. Amawbia.
22. Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) Amawbia.
23. National Youth Service Corp. Umueze Amawbia.


1. Nworah Hilltop Hospital and Maternity – UgwuTank, Amawbia . Medical Director : Dr . a .B.C Nworah
2. Our Lord’s Hospital and Maternity, No . 1 Enugu -Agidi Road, Amawbia . Dr .F.N Nwalusi 3. Felly Medical Centre Near Embroco Hotels, Ngene , Amawbia , Medical Director : Nze Dr . C.C. Ezeanyim

1. ADICO Medical Lab. Service 79, Zik Avenue , Amawbia .
2 Nworah Hilltop Hospital and Maternity, Laboratories

1. Melis Aluminum Company, 60, Zik. Avenue , Amawbia . Managing Director : Mrs. Ifunanya Charity Osakwe
2. CITi Group Aluminum and terrazzo Works M/D/CEo : Mr . Emenike Nwosu . MOTOR MECHANIC, ELECTRICIAN, PANEL BEATING COMPANIES

1. I .G. Ekwueme and Sons Ltd. 27, Zik Avenue , Amawbia MD: Rtn. (Sir ) Chika C. Ekwueme .

1. BIFEX Consultants Limited (PTF Zonal Health Management Consultants, Zone II ), 27, Zik Avenue , Amawbia Project Manager – Mr . Chris Okeke (Anambra State ).
2. NICLUSi Konsult (website designers, exams/admission expert) 08037898097 etc
1. LUMOS (Nig) Limited 1, Umueze Rd. Near Ugwu Tank, Amawbia . Managing Director : Mr . Louis Odumodu .
2. Son of Land Printing Press, 5 Eke Market Road.Box, 43, Amawbia managing Director : Emma Nwana .
3. Remcy Prints and Graphics, a Div Of Remcy Geria Enterprise (Nig) 3, Enugu -Agidi Road, Amawbia . Director : Mr . R .M.C Offordile .
4. Niclusi Printers and Copiers, a Div of Niclusi International Ltd. Amawbia Motor Park CEO : Nwalusi Ifeanyi .C 08037898097 etc
1. Lumos Nig. Ltd. 1, Umueze Road, Ugwu Tank, Amawbia , Managing Director : Mr . Louis Odumodu AP-BS Business Centre 12a Zik Avenue , Opp. Nigeria Prison
2. Niclusi International Computers Business Center , a Div of Niclusi International Ltd E9 and E10 Amawbia Motor Park. CEO : Nwalusi Ifeanyi . 08037898097
3. Pako Business center opp. Police Headquarters, Amawbia . etc

1. Sumek Nig. Ltd. Marketers of Petroleum and Allied Products, 139, Zik Avenue , Amawbia , 048550701. Chief S.u . Enekwe KSM, MD.
2. Conoil Filling Station MD. Mr . C.N. Nwokike .
3. Texaco Along Enugu -Onitsha Express Way etc
4. Dewell Filling Station, Nibo Junction, Amawbia
5. Ifenna Filling Station, Adjacent Opposite Prison Yard, Amawbia
6. NNPC Filling Station, along Enugu -Onitsha Express Way, Amawbia .
7. Total Filling Station, along Enugu -Onitsha Express way, Amawbia .
8. Oando Filling Station, along Enugu -Onitsha Express way, Amawbia .

1. St. Matthew Catholic Church, Amawbia
2. St. Peter ‘s Anglican Church Amawbia .
3. St. Augustine Anglican Church Amawbia
4. St. Edward Catholic Church Amawbia
5. Church of Resurrection Anglican Communion Amawbia etc

1. Mountain of Fire Ministry, Amawbia .
2. Zion Praise Int’l Centre Amawbia .
3. Zion Pillar Ministry
4. Assembles of God Church, Ngene Village Amawbia .
5. U.C.C
6. Christ Embassy Church Amawbia etc

1. Adam & Eve Motors (Nig) Ltd 39, Zik Avenue , Amawbia Roundabout Phone -048-550606 Founder : Late Chief J.C. Okoye (Agbakwulu Nze 1 of Umunnachi ).
2. JENCo Group of Company Motors 59, Zik Avenue , Amawbia . Etc.

1. Nath’s Super Market, Amawbia Motor Park.
2. Innoson Super Market, along Roundabout by Adam & Eve Motor Park Amawbia .
3. Right Health Pharmacy & Stores Ltd, Adjacent opp. Emka Hotel Amawbia . Etc

1. Embroco Hotel Nig. Ltd 7 Nonelu Street Ngene Village Amawbia , Box 204.Managing Director : Prince Sylvanus Enweani
2. Emka Hotel, Opposite St. Matthew Catholic Church Amawbia
MD – Dr . Ralph Odumodu .
3. May Roses Hotel, along Kabe College road, Adabebe Village Amawbia . CEo Chief Ifeanyi Nwokoye
4. Cheleku Hotel, along Enugu -Agidi Bye -pass road Amawbia .
5. Pit-Pat Hotel, near Amawbia Motor Park. CEO Chief Andrew Odumodu .
6. Georgian Villa Suite 215, Ziks Avenue , Amawbia Chairman, Mr . George Udeozor . Etc.

1. Choice Kitchen & Restaurant, near Amawbia Bye -pass junction. Managing Director : Mrs. Ngozi Aniemene
2. Yaro Relaxation Centre , Amawbia Managing Director : Mr Obiorah Nwoye . Etc.

1. Igu & Igu Chambers,
2. Mbanaso S.o Udechukwu & Associate ,
3. Ugbogiliga Chambers etc.
4. Chief Ozoemene Onyali chambers
1. Ashaa Delux Photos and Colour Lab, close to Pit-Pat Hotels
2. Monico Photos Bye -Pass Junction Amawbia
3. Bobyla Photos Amawbia
4. Dynamite Photos, along Enugu -Agidi express way Amawbia
5. Photo Flash, Amawbia . etc.

1. Krosa Model Academy (a Division of Krosa Model Schools) Engr . Chris Odumodu (Agubanze ) Proprietress: Mrs. R .i Odumodu 08033765481, 08037051720.Amawbia.
2. Unique Comprehensive Sec. School, 8 Amawbia Express By-Pass (Enugwu -Agidi Rd) Amawbia , Principal: Ms. e .M Obi 08035003255
3. Kabe College Amawbia
4. Community Secondary School, Amawbia
5. Union Sec. School, Amawbia .
6. Kings International College , Amawbia . etc.

1. Krosa Model School Ugwu Tank Amawbia
2. Kemy Nursery / Primary School, 34 Zik Avenue , Amawbia
3. Igwedumma Primary School, Amawbia
4. Central School Amawbia
5. Community Primary School Amawbia
6. Rev. Fr . Ekwu Nursery and Primary School, Amawbia
7. Kings Nursery and Primary School Amawbia
8. Ambassador Nursery School Amawbia
9. St. Matthew’s Kindergarten Nursery School, Umueze , Amawbia .
10. St. Matthew’s Kindregaten Nursery School Ngene , Amawbia . Etc.

1. DIJEH (Up to date medical) 136, Ziks Avenue Amawbia
2. JOHN (John Medical) 112 Zik Avenue , Opp. Burial Ground, Amawbia .
3. Cyron Medical, Opp. Sumek Oil, Amawbia .
4. Chief Odum Medical
5, Eke Market Square Amawbia
5. Chukwudi Patent Medicine E5, Eke Mkt. Square Amawbia .
6. Christian Okafor , Chris Patent & Cosmetics Store , Amawbia . Etc.

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