History of Ngene Village

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Ezeriam is commonly believed to be the father of four sons viz:

The four sons eventually spread out into various families which today constitute the polity known as NGENE, as the following historical developments of the lineages of the four sons in-dictate:
A.        ONELIBE, One of the Sons of Ezeriam gave brith to

  1. Nnanya: He had the following children: Nwota-made up of Onwubuya, Anemene, (both of whom are of the same mother) Ogbuke (of the same father as Onwubunya and Anemene) families.


  1. Ezeudu: He was the father of Okpalaukwu ezeudu comprising (a) Onwuasonya (the eldest son), Oji Amaku and Okafor Lliji, Oji Amaku and Okafor Iliji are of the same mother.
  1. Mbaji ezeudu: is made up of Uzoegbo and Ekenta family Nwalusi ezeagba and Oneli families. Uzoegbo was said to have married NWANYAMAKA but had  only a female issue before he was killed during the Amawbia-Okpuno war. Ekenta who was of the same mother with uzoegbo re-married Nwanyamaka and gave birth to the late Augustine and Mathias Ekenta. Uzoegbo’s only female issue was eventually married to Okwuosa family of Umueze where she had a male issue still living before her death.


Umu-Ngwuogolo:  The third of Nnanya’s Sons is made up of the following families – Ajulu, Festus Okafor, Alexander Okoye, Andrew Osu etc.

UDUM: The second son of Onelibe branched out into three lineages comprising.

    1. IRUNWE: Made of Ernest Okoye, Okafor Odu, Nwajagu, Matthew Muofunanya, Agunabo, Muogonu, Okafor Ndu, Muo Adana, Philip Okafor.

    1. ANICHIE: Made up of Simon Okafor, Anekwe, Igwe, Anagor, Muonwuba, Nwakasi families. Okadinso begot nwume, (2) Igwebuike (3) maduchie and then Onyekwene ochie begot Anaekwe, Obi, Nwakasi, Nwokafor, Oramalu begot Okoye Mgbokwu who died childless, the Simon and Monwuba families.
    1. NDUKAONWU: Made up of Ugoji, Emmanuel Obi, and Chief Daniel Maduka’s families.

Sub Kindred of Umudum:
Umuonu: The third son of Onelibe comprises: Israel Okonkwo Muo, Nwobudigwe, Nwegbo, Okoye Nwabudu, Katchi and Okonkwo Okafor.
Okonkwo Muo’s sons were Aaron Nwako, Nwuya and two daughters. Aaron had two sons, Chukwuma, Michael and a daughter, while Nwuya had Ogoegbunam, Gozie, Ifeanyi and two daughters.
Nwobudigwe and Nwegbo were brothers, Nwobudigwe begot Walter Okeke, Ben, George Nweke, and Okoye.
Nwegbo lost all his children by death, except one girl known today as Amanjide or Mrs.  Matthew, Udu of Umueze.
Okoye Nwabudu, from him sprang Nwogbo, Ngene, Osungene, Arize and Okafor Nwogbo had only three daughters, Ngene had many children namely Patrick, Sylvernus, Christopher etc. Arize and Okafor had no issues.
Katchi had Nwokoye, Akpagu, Opanma and Okoye who is known today as James Katchi as his sons. Nwokoye had Eliezer Okonkwo, Sylvester Ogugua and two daughters as his children, Akpagu had only one daughter who is known as Nwoshi. Opanma had Modekwe, Igna Kanayo and four daughters as his children, Okoye which is James the most junior called “Okoye-Anwu” because of his bravery and strength, people say he stings like bee when offended, he also brought C.M.S church to Amawbia, he had many children among them was Julius Chike and presently Victor Chukwuma, Dominic Enuka, Lawrence Uso, Okechukwu and thess daughters.
Okonkwo Okafor had many children namely Felix Nweke, Israel Onwuegbuke Francis Onyeagolu and two daughters. The sons have many children.

B.        UMUNUGA
Of the four kindred’s that make up Ngene village, Amawbia Umunuga is one of them, and was of different mother with the rest. Nuga was a great warrior and could enter into war pact with the Ada warriors from far away Imo State to attack an enemy. Nuga married so many wives and had many sons. The first being Alimi Nugom and Obasa Nugom. Alimi was not of the same mother with Obasa. Obasa begat  Uzuegbunam. Nwatum Obasa was one of the Umunuga warriors. Though not an Ozo titled person, he could because of his bravery and fearlessness pitch his supporting stick (Ngwu agiliga) and seat with Ozo titled persons of the village.
Umunuga has three sub-kindred’s made up as follows:-
Umuatukwo and Umuiloanya Nwokolo is the direct descendant of Nwokolo Ogba. Nwankwo Ogba was a renowned farmer and reared so many domestic animals.

Umuiloanya has also the following lineages:-
(a)        OBASA: Obasa begat Nwankwo, Oye, Umuegbuna, the descendant of Nwankwo is Nwuya, Anatogu. While the direct descendant of Oye is Joseph Oye, and Matthew Oye and the direct descendant of Uzuegbuna is Madubuchi, Michael Egbuna, and Humphrey Egbuna.
(b)       Nwilinwe has the following lineages, Nwankwo nwilinwe Onwuatu nwilinwe and nwonu Nwilinwe. Nwankwo Nwilinwe begat Okeke while Onwuatu begat Dennis. Nwonu begat Vincent, Eric and Emmanuel, Nwankwo was a great warrioe in those days he traveled extensively and was a traditional doctor.
(c)        Also Nwadaka has the following lineages, Okafor Nwadaka.
(d)       Ozoekwe also begat Okonkwo while direct descendant of Okonkwo is Nwanagor Okonkwo and Nwokechukwu Okonkwo.
(e)        So also Nwachalla and Stephen Obi who are from the lineages of Umuileanya.
(f)        Nwanara is lineages from Umuileanya he begat Felix Anara.

Umuifeogudu: Was the ancestral father of Jerome Nwobu who begat Colonel Ben Nwobu of the Nigerian Army.

Umuatukwo: OkekeUgo of the lineage of Umuatukwo was killed during the inter-tribal war between Ngene village and Adabebe village at Ebe-Oye (Oye square).
About a century ago, Umunuga was a large flourishing kindred which used its bravery to destabilize her enemies and her self. They owned large expanse of land for farming and rearing of domestic animals.
Today part of the farm land has been acquired by the Catholic Mission which accommodates St. Matthew’s Church and the Igwedumma Primary School, Amawbia.
Due to increase in population of Ngene as a whole, the elders at the time agreed amongst themselves (Umunuga, Agbana and Umumechi) to intermarry particularly as each of them had a separate mother unlike Umuonelibe which had a distinct mother. Hence the appealage of Obunato. Jointly they own and sweep Ebe akpu while Ezi-Ekwechi square is owned by Umuoneli.

(c)        AGBANA:
Agbana is made up of 2 quarters namely:
Okpannebochime, Ezeogalanya.
Okpannebochime is divided into 3: Ikeogbo – Nwine – Agine, from Ikeogbo sprang up ifesi the father of Nwanya, Ngwegbo Taagbo, Madubuonye.
Ngwegbo has two sons – chukwuemeka, Okwudili, Ugochukwu, Madubuonye has two sons – Nnaemeke and Benjamine. From IKEOGBO also sprang up OYE, the father of Echetabu (No male issue).
From AGINE sprang up Ukpo the father of Okafor Opa… okoye Okafor-Nwenu, nwokeke the father of Eke and Okafoe Ezeonykwelu.
NWINE has 4 families namely: Ogbeukwu, Unoeju, Ezughe, Nwokike.

A.        (1)        Ogbukwu ismade up of 2 houses: Nwosu father of
Jerry, Ndigwe, Okonkwo down to their children namely: Obiora, osita, Onyekwelu Justina Oraekie.
A.        (2)        Ogbukwu ismade up also of Nonyelu the father of
Nwezi and Okoye Iruka (Isaiah).
From Nwezi sprang up 2 great Nigerian lawyers – Gilbert and Felix.

B.                    Unoeju is made up of 4 house:
i.                      Okeke father of Osakwe, Onwuzuligbo, Alfred and their many children – Sydney, Goddy, Clement, Raphael, Alxander, Udekwe.
ii. & iv.            Nwankwo & Nwonyeaniri have no issues for remembrance.
C.        Nzughe is the father of Oguejiofor hence Bertram, Louis, Jidemma, Polycarp.

D.        Nwokike is the father of Ikele hence Nwokike, Agbata, Oji, Okoye, Anajaku, Nwokike begat Nwude and his numerous children.
Agbata begat Moses, Clement, Peter Nweke, & their children. Okoye-Anajaku begat  Charles and Stephen and their growing sons. Oji begat only one daughter – Ngboye Afunanya. Nwokike is the husband of Nwidinma, he is also the father of Nwokafor Nwifinma as well as Ikele.

EZOGALANYA is divided into 2 families: Ifeacho and Ifeako. From Ifeacho sprang up Nwanachona, Nwokafor, nwokonkwo, Nwozugha.
Nwanachona father of Obuagbaka – Simon (2) Nwokafor, father of Nwabisi chigbata, Mokwugwo.
From ifeako sprang up Gbogu hence Okeke Onu, David, Benson and their children.
Nwobu has no male issue.

1.         Umechiukwu had three Sons – (a) Ogwuelo (b) Nzeadachie and (c) Agbadagba.
            Ogwuelo was the father of Ifeacho while Ifeacho had

  1. Nwobu
  2. Nweme
  3. Nzekwe (iv) Akpunonu  (v) Obuana.

Nwobu had Adigwe, Muodozie, and Anyalagbune.
Nweme had Ezigbune, Nzekwe and Okonkwo Nze.
Akpunonu had Michael, Obiezue and Okoye.
Obuana had Umeadu, Uchendu and Nweke.

2.         Nzeadachie had the following males: (a) Okafor Nze, (b) Nwanmo alias Akunakanya, (c) Chidume (d) Nwokonkwo iti and Nwana.
The sons of Okafor Nze were four – Okafor Eku, Nwonu, Ejianya and Okoye Nwanu. Nwonu and Okoye died childless. Ejianya had Okoye Eji and Nwibe.
3.         Nwammo the second son of Nzeadachie had Godwin while Nwana had no male child.
4.         The third son of Nzeadachie had Matthew Chidume and Nwokonkwo iti. The later lost all his male children by death. His sister who nursed him was iti.
5.         Another Son of Umechiukwu was Agbadagba. He has as his sons, Obodobo, Onuora, and Okoye Ezu. Obodo was the father of Ugwaka, Ogini, Okoye and Ofufe. Ugwaka died childless.
Ogini alias Nzeamalu was survived with many children – Okonkwo (Joseph). Azuka, Onuegbune, Obumneme, Oraegbune, Ozoemene Okoye and their many sons: Arch. Chizoba, Felix Nonye, Ike Nnamdi, Azubuike, Onyeso etc.
6.         Okoye was the father of Paul and Ifeanyi while Ofufe died childless.
7.         Onuora another son of Agbadagba had Ekwenugo and Enemo. Ekwenugo was the father of Nwoyeoka while Enemo was the father of Mbanugo. He was killed during the Amawbia and Okpuno civil war.
Mabnugo was the father of Osita and Frederick (A Naval officer) with the Nigerian Navy. Okoye Ezu died childless.
8.         Another family unit made up Umumechi by adoption was nwanebe. When all his family unit died away instead of standing alone, he attached himself to Umumechi and started to live as such. He had two sons, Okonkwo alias Eziefaoso and Mark or Uyanwune alias Nkiti gba Okwu.
Okonkwo had Nweke, Isaac and Albert while Mark had Sunday,
Daniel, Edozie, Benjamin and others.

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