History of Umueze Village

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The Umueze kindred are the descendants of Okpalaekwechi, a celebrated warrior and mercenary from Ohafia in the present Abia  State; who was hired by people throughout the length and breath of Nigeriato help them wage wars against their enemies.

During one of such assignments with the Oni-Kakanfo, King of Oyo Kingdom then from the Western States. He traveled with his private army under moon light and had a stop – over at were the existing village then. This villages resisted the stay of Okpalaekwechi within their midst, but was only allowed after pleading with them that he had not come there to settle permanently since  he was going for war. He suffered a serious defeat in that war. It was customary in those days that if you were defeated in a war, you would not come back home a life. The alternative was commit suicide, when Okpalekwechi finally returned from war he decided to settle down at Adanwebe instead of going back to Ohafia to commit suicide.

The hostility started again, which made Okpalaekwechi to marry from Ndi-Idide Village. He had four children from that marriage, namely Okpaeri, Umueri, Oguluwa and Nzeafia. Meanwhile the Ezimezi people started their own unfriendly attitude again while Ndi-idide is now protecting him as their son-inlaw.

In order to appease Ezimezi, he decided to marry one of them as his second wife, who later gave birth to another son called Ezenagum.

The love Okpalaekwechi had for Ezenagum attracted bad-blood amongst his siblings from his father’s first wife, who started planning how to eliminate him. However, Ezenagum who managed to survive under the tutelage of his father, with the establishment of Okpalaekwechi’s family, Adabebe Village came into being. On the death of Okpalaekwe; there was an intensive search for twenty human heads with which to bury him, according to the customs and traditions of the land. Thus came an opportunity for the brothers of Ezenagum to carry out their diabolical plans of eliminating him. But this was not be, as his mother and her brothers immediately put heads together and moved the small boy to Ezimezi being their own home. This was where the he remained till the end of his father’s burial ceremony. When he became of age, his maternal uncles (ie Nnaochie) again took him to his siblings at Adabebe and requested that their nephew be given a piece of land to build his own house. His siblings immediately held a meeting and decided to give him an evil forest (Ofia Ababa) which belonged to Nawgu people. Ezenagum’s uncles rejected and subsequently prepared their sister’s son with a powerful pot which they asked him to carry on approaching the evil forest; and with further instruction to him that whenever the port fell would be the place for him to settle. The pot fell at the present Obu-Eze-Akaa complex and this was where he built his own house out of the fact that his siblings might attack him, he was being guarded by some warrious from Ezimezi.

Chidi Akah                                                                Chijioke Nwolisa
(Public Relation Committee)                           (Public Relation Committee)

This regime came into inception after the civil ward, which started the celebration of Eze-Akaa festival. He also built the village pavilion where the festival takes place with residents or indigenes gathering to watch.

2ND C.C NDIBE – 1993
As vibrant as he is, his administration lasted only a year due to ill-health. This occurred when Umueze needed his developmental skills and intellect, but before the expiration of the year, with the help of late Charles Aniemene “Nwaeze Oku” and Prince Nwolisa “Ibelikwielu” as members of his executives, the installation of Adaeze-Akaa to Umueze married daughters in Diaspora was initiated in December 26th 1993.

3RD PRINCE A. NWOLISA – 1994 – 2000
1.         Facilitation and Actualization of the release of Okpuno Umueze Land from Anambra State Government. See Anambra State of Nigeria Official Gazette No. 7 of 6th July 1995 Vol. 5 page B13.
2.        Convertion of the Okpuno land to the best layout within the State, with name Maryland Layout.
3.         Facilitation and Actualization of the release of Immuno Land from Anambra Government. See Anambra State of Nigeria Official Gazette No. 4 of 20th May 1999 Vol. 19 page B7.
4.         Conversion of the same Immuno Land to Umueze Layout.
But could not open up road network due to limited time.
5.         Introduction of rental services scheme by procuring 700 chairs i.e 500 stainless chairs and 200 plastic chaise and also 15 canopies with one canopy meant for Eze-Akaa Festival.
6.         Building of a warehouse for securing the rental services scheme but the warehouse is now converted to Umueze Primary Health Centre.
7.         Reconstruction of Ofiamazu Stream with 7 taps, staircase and handrail leading to the stream.
8.         Layin g of water pipes in all corners of the village which majority of the residents taped from the it birthed a public tap at Ukwu-Udala and EziNwokoye.
9.         On two occasions he renovated the roofs of two different blocks of classrooms at Community Primary School Amawbia which was damaged by storm.
10.       Bankrolling of a Youth Copper who installed a weather station at Amawbia Girls’ Secondary School.
11.       Sponsoring of Umueze Football team during Inter-Village matches, which they carried the cup three times.

1.         Litigation of inherited land cases from previous regime and it was won on behalf of Umueze both at Onitsha and Awka High Court.
2.         Construction of Drainage System from Ezi-Nwokoye to Ezi-Nwafia, Ezi-Egege to Ezi-Ume.
3.         Rehabilitation and maintenance of Umueze roads from 1999 – 2005 some of the roads include
a.         Okongwu Street Road – Ajah Lane
b.         Okpora Street Road – NYSC Road
c.         Ezi-Nwokoye Road
d.         Ngam Road
e.         Ezi-Egege – Ezi-Ume Road etc.
4.         Provision of pipe borne water (Tap) of Umueze people which was located at Ezi-Egege Square and at Ezi-Nwokoye.
5.         Provision, including finance as well as collaborating with NEPA to ensure steady power supply and maintenance of Umueze Vigilante Services.
6.         Support and maintenance of Umueze Vigilante Services.
7.         Recovery of Rent from the Anambra State Government as regards the building occupied by the NYSEC. The recovered rent covered the period of 6 yrs.
8.         Maintenance of Chairs and Canopies belonging to Umueze which was being rented out to generate fund from 1999 – 2005.
9.         Assisting with finance to Umueze Youth football team which result them to win the Inter-Village match trophy of Amawbia from 1999 – 2001, 2003 – 2005.
10.       Successful guiding of Umueze to Eziokpaligwe festival which resulted to continuous winning of festival trophy.

1.         Resolution of factional conflict within Umueze Village
2.         Introduction of Dike – Eze Akaa title meant for meritorious Umueze indigenes 80 yrs and above.
3.         Provision of fider pillar for Umueze electric transformer.
4.         Reduction for crime to a zero-rate by establishing standard village vigilante service.
5.         Building of ultra-modern “Obu Eze-Akaa” and construction of boreholes with overhead tank, which is cited at Ukwu-Udala and Ezi-Nwokoye for public usage.
6.         Boosting Umueze rental scheme by procuring 300 plastic chairs.
7.         Opening up of a road network from Okukolo ntia to Mabgu stream using a caterpillar and a grader machine.
8.         Smoothening of Umueze Village roads with 2000 trips of laterites.
9.         At the verge of cultural reinvigoration he replaced Odinani and Akwunechienyi Masquerade.

1.         Renovation of Umueze pavilion (the roofs)
2.         Provision of public health Centre for Umueze Community.
3.         Filling of pothles of Umueze road network with 1,000 trips of laterites.
4.         Construction of a football pitch and a spectator’s stand at Umueze Maryland Layout.
5.         Sponsoring of Umueze Village Soccer team at the Inter-Village matches.

1.         Recovering of an accumulate rent which has lasted for Eight years from NYSC.
2.         In other to indigenes and non-indigenes living within his community, he provided two entrance gates at Maryland layout.
3.         Replacing of a fallen electric pole at the Ndibe/Simeon Nwana road, close to the transformer.

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